PATCHED*** Injustice Mobile 2.16 New Credit Glitch on Android & iOS


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16 Aug 2017: update 2.16.1 fixes this glitch. Get as many credits as you need to spend before installing the update!


edit 31/7/2017: Hat tip to commenter +Haykaz Khroyan, logging out (of your WBID) and then logging back in IMMEDIATELY after selling is enough to lock in your credits.

edit 29/7/2017: lots of commenters having problems with credit totals reverting despite following instructions.

We’ve done even more testing, and can clearly say that buying a bronze pack after selling ANYTHING is REQUIRED, even if you don’t do this glitch. People playing without glitches are complaining that they are losing credits when they sell anything.

After dozens of trials, we have not needed to do anything more than buy a bronze pack to lock in the credits gained by selling.

However, if you are one of the unlucky ones, you may need to use another method to lock in any credits gained by selling. This can be any one of the following:
1) buying a pack
2) completing a single player campaign mode fight
3) upgrading a character
4) force closing Injustice and then restarting

edit 27/7/2017: lots of commenters saying that it works on iOS, title updated to reflect this.
Big thank you BMandChronic on the gamefaqs boards (and a slightly smaller thank you to Gingeman) who let us know about this glitch on iOS.

1) Complete an MP online fight
2) disconnect from the internet
3) buy whatever packs you want
4) reconnect to the internet
5) complete an MP online fight (ta-dah! Credits come back, purchases are still in your inventory)
6) buy something in the store (or complete a single player/campaign/offline fight)

You can sell any of the extra cards you got BEFORE step 6. If you don’t do step 6 and sell your extra cards, you will very likely have your credit total revert back to what it was after step 1.

We predict that the most common problem people will have is that the credit total will revert.

For anyone reading this description, I hope you’ll have a laugh along with us for the commenters who complain that this doesn’t work … because they didn’t watch the video and skipped step 6.
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Energy And Power Credits Online Generator

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Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile – Injustice 2.14 Unlimited Credit Glitch


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INJUSTICE MOBILE GLITCH! Get Unlimited Card Packs! (Working iOS 2016-2017)


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Injustice GLITCH! Get Unlimited Card Packs! (Working iOS)

In today’s video I am here to explain a glitch that applies to the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us! This glitch allows to attain unlimited card packs!


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